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You can easily calculate the price for your products with our automatic price calculator. All you need is an .STL model of your product. Materflow offers fast and professional 3D printing service. 3D printing is an excellent tool for product development, miniatures, replacement parts and mass production.

Dyeing Service

Our new services include the dyeing of our 3D-printed products! We have explored various methods in making the process seamless and efficient. The outcome is a price competitive dyeing service that yields excellent results. The color pigments impregnate the polyamide material and the result is an even colour with wear resistant properties! 

Polishing service

Materflow has built and printed it's own polishing machine. The technology allows us to polish objects with even results. The device is essentially a rotating tumbler with a specific tumbling media fit for our polyamide objects. 



With Materflow's replacement parts service you save time, effort and space on your shelves. After you have delivered 3D models of your replacement parts to Materflow's product library, we can bring those parts on demand to your warehouse or straight to your customers. Thanks to this, you don't have to keep each kind of spare parts on in your storage.

If you don't have a digital model of your replacement part, we can make one for you according to an existing part. You just need to send one to us!


Our professional team will carry out your plan from the idea to production. Whether your product is mechanical tool or part or an artistic piece, we are able to make a product according to your demands.


We make product visualization based on the material our customer sends to us, for example CAD models, technical drawings, pictures or sketches. It requires intense collaboration with customer to make an impressive 3D-visualization. The final piece can be for example a printable picture or fully animated HD video or any other format you desire.


We can organize a micro-seminar in your company free of charge. During the seminar our specialists go through the possibilites and benefits 3D printing could offer to your company. The seminar lasts couple of hours and we hope that from 3 to 5 people who deal with design, sales, production and administration in your company would participate.

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