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Frequently asked questions

General information

All files will be treated confidentially and no information is published without owner’s permission

Ordering Terms

Our terms of order you can find here: Ordering Terms 

Which kind of products can I print?

All the models must adhere to the law of Finland

How much does the printing cost?

Cost depends on the bounding box of the object as well as the volume of the printed object. Roughly the average price stays under 2 euros per cm3. You can request a quote through our contact form.

What if I order several parts, will it become cheaper?

Yes it will. With big batches the price will be calculated through the filling degree of the machine.

What do I do when my order is late?

Contact us: info (at)

What is the maximum size?

The maximum size for printing is 34 x 34 x 60 cm. Very large objects can be divided into parts and be connected together afterwards.

What if my model has errors in it?

We try to repair simple problems like overlapping geometry and inverted surface normals. For additional work we charge separately but this is always dealt separately. We can repair most of the models during the inspection process.

In which file format should I send the models?

The file format we recommend is STL. Models can be exported as STL in most 3D programs. If needed we can accept obj, 3ds, igs, fbx, STEP and skp.

What manufacturing process is used?

The SLS technology we use allows manufacturing of strong parts cost-effectively. Objects are made from very fine plastic powder with laser, layer by layer.

What are the delivery times?

Normal delivery time is 7 working days. Optional 48h delivery is also possible as an additional service.

How are the objects shipped?

We use the services of Itella for delivery.

How do I pay for the order?

7-day net payment by bank transfer to companies in Finland. Advance payment for individuals. Advance payment by bank transfer for orders from outside Finland.