Farsoon Flight 403P Fiber Laser Sintering


PA1212 based nylon powder that is used in Farsoon Flight systems. Material has been developed to absorb fiber laser wavelengths for fast and efficient production. This material has special absorber to get the fastest speed out of Flight technology. Printing speed is approximately 3x faster than our standard white material. Strength and rigidity of the material make it versatile material for technical applications. High production capacity combined with fast speed make this material cost competitive for many different products

With flight technology material processed is more homogenous and energy distribution is improved. Thin walls such as 0.3 mm become possible and the technology can be used to realise many different geometries which have previously been unhread of. The variable beam diameter also speeds up printing and improves feature detail of the produced parts.


Robust material for serial manufacturing. Material is intented for prototyping as well as end-use products. Surface quality is uniform on all the axises, allthough bottom surface is slightly smoother than the rest. Printed color comes out in black. Post processing requirements are smaller compared to other materials because of overall better quality. This means end use products are the main application target for this material. Can be used to replace injection molded parts and machined parts.

Surface Treatment

Material has better surface quality than our standard PA2200. It can be put in vibratory grinder to get it even more smooth result but most of the times it is not required as the standard surface roughness is good enough on its own. Black colour is suitable for many industrial appplications. Less post processing also means faster delivery!

3D Printing technology:: Farsoon Flight (SLS)
Build chamber/max size: 375mm x 375 mm x 500 mm
Layer thickness: 100 um
Dimensional accuracy: ± 0,2mm + ± 0,1mm/100mm

Depending on part geometry the accuracy can vary and most of the time +-0.1-0.2 accuracy can be achieved

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