Farsoon Flight 403P

This next generation machine equipped with Farsoon Flight technology. Powerfull 500W fiber laser and full speed scanning with 20m/s. This machine can build a full build in roughly 24 hours fitting thousands of parts.

Homogenous energy distribution produces better part properties. Mechanical properties and feature details are improved compared to traditional CO2 operated machines. Dynamic scanner can produce smaller details more accurately and wall thicknesses of 0.3 mm are also possible.

The system fills the build chamber with nitrogen to 0.1% oxygen to protect material from oxidation. Laser spot size on the edges of the part is 70 μm and standard sintering on the inside of the part is dynamically changed to 500 μm so faster speeds are gained. Layer thickness is typically 100 um but can be varied from 0.06 to 0.3 mm.

Flight™ Technology will be capable of accessing a much different range of process-able materials and operational flexibility as compared to standard laser sintering systems, which allows for increased freedom for future AM material and application development.

  • Printing technology: Farsoon Flight Selective Laser Sintering
  • Build chamber: 400 mm x 400 mm x 530 mm
  • Laser Power: 500W fiber laser
  • Laser Spot size: 70 μm edges, 500 μm hatching
  • Scanning Speed: 20 m/s
  • Max operating temperature: 190 °C

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PA1212 polyamide, black.