PA2210 FR – UL 94 V-0

UL94 / V-0 is a FAR 25,853 tested fire rated and halogen free PA12-based nylon. Originally designed for the production of challenging end products for the aerospace industry it is also ideal for field test components and for automotive and electronics industries. The mechanical properties are broadly equivalent to PA2200.

3D Printing Technique: Selective Laser Sintering (SLS)
Build chamber/max size: 320 mm x 320 mm x 600 mm
Layer thickness: 150 um
Dimensional accuracy: ± 0,25mm + ± 0,1mm/100mm

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When exposed to fire the material forms a layer of carbon on its surface to retard the flames. The technical properties required by the fire classification must be complied when designing parts. Recommended wall thickness is 2 mm to achieve the classified fire rating.

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