Materflow designs and produces 3D printed metal and plastic parts for industrial use. We’re specialised in producing prototypes, components, spare parts, and end products either in mass or in single products.


Founded in 2013 Materflow is one of the leading 3D printing service providers in the Nordics. Our customers operate in the industrial sector with ambitions in developing their products, supply chains, and processes towards more profitable and sustainable solutions. In addition to 3D printing services we help our customers develop and implement 3D printing into their design and engineering processes.

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Mass production


Jigs, tools & spare parts

Scale models

3D printing, metal

Metal 3D printing is a solid option to replace molded, milled or machined parts. 3D printing allows cost effective production in smaller series and intricate geometries which can be difficult or impossible to produce with conventional technologies. On-demand production eases logistics and downtime losses.

3D printing, plastic

3D printed plastic parts are usually fully functional end products. 3D printing is widely adopted as an alternative to injection molding do to the excellent mechanical properties of different plastic materials available for printing. Plastic printing is also an effective method for rapid prototyping or mass produced products.

3D spare parts

Contract manufacturing and on-demand production of spare parts lowers costs and improves efficiency. Compared to conventional technologies 3D printed spare parts are more cost-effective and flexible to produce. Digitally stored 3D models are also easy to update or improve as needed. Our services include the evaluation of exiting spare parts to identify the ones best suited for 3D printing and also designing new parts specifically for 3D printing.

Operating model

We assess new assignments in cooperation with the client according to the following best practices:

  • Planning

    Assessing the product or product series according to end-use and production with production costs and schedule.

  • Modeling

    Designing the digital model for production or fining down an existing model if needed.

  • Production

    Production according to need.

  • Post processing

    Post processing services according to need.

  • Delivery

    Delivering the product or series according to schedule.

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