Farsoon Flight 403P Fiber Laser Sintering

P12 Grey

General applications

P12 Grey is a pigmented version of PA2200. It is a grey technical plastic used in the SLS printing technology. The material has been developed to be compatible with the fiber laser of Farsoon Flight machines.

P12 Grey is an excellent plastic for serial production, and the material is designed for end use.

The main uses of this material are fully functional end products. The surface quality of the printed products is good, and the parts are fully black in color. This means that post-processing is much less than typical.

Due to its mechanical properties, the material is generally used to replace, for example, injection-molded products when the manufacture of the mold is not economically viable, e.g., for small series production.

Examples of fields and areas of use:

  • Visual and functional prototypes
  • Functional final products
  • Prostheses
  • Food industry
  • Health care
  • Industrial products in general
Using the material in industrial 3D printing

With the P12 Grey material, you get multiple times more energy out of the high-powered fiber laser, which means that printing is faster and more consistent.

The high mechanical properties of the material, as well as excellent chemical resistance, make it a good and functional engineering plastic for industrial applications.

The material is printed with SLS technology. SLS (selective laser sintering) is a technology that increases material. The print is created from a fine powder, which is melted in the building chamber in layers to the desired shape.

The result of SLS technology is accurate. The surface quality of the printed products is good, and the pieces are black in color.

Unlike injection molding, 3D printing is a significantly faster and cheaper method in small series production, but also an easier and faster option in terms of product updates, customization, and product and spare parts catalog maintenance.

Perceptible savings are also achieved in prototype manufacturing. The large production capacity offers savings in terms of unit price and fast delivery schedule.

Surface Treatment

SLS nylon can be surface treated in many ways. The most common surface treatment is dyeing to black colour. The surface becomes even and its thickness does not change like when painting. The black color is excellent option for almost all industrial applications.

In addition, nylon can be made smoother with vibration polishing, so the surface quality resembles more an injection molded part. Another alternative is polymer blasting process where surface is smoothed by shot peening.

3D Printing technology:: Farsoon Flight (SLS)
Build chamber/max size: 375mm x 375 mm x 500 mm
Layer thickness: 100 um
Dimensional accuracy: ± 0,2mm + ± 0,1mm/100mm

Depending on part geometry the accuracy can vary and most of the time +-0.1-0.2 accuracy can be achieved

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